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Jean Greenhowe's Little Dumpling Dolls - The Village Ladies (24 pages)

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The story of our Little Dumpling Dolls began when Jean created just one doll – Mrs Mrs Mopitup Mopitup.  She then decided to dream up an old-fashioned Little Dumpling Village with charming miniature inhabitants. Jean had lots of ideas for the characters and she also planned to produce patterns for the village children. Eventually,Mrs Mopitup we decided to publish the ladies first, followed by the gentlemen.


The dolls are free-standing and 17cm [6¾in] high.  Only small amounts of yarn are required and full instructions are given for all the delightful accessories. You too can knit an oil painting and a sweeping brush!

Here is the introduction which Jean wrote for the first booklet about The Dumpling Ladies.

‘In the village of Little Dumpling live lots of busy little people.  Lady Winifred's Wool Shop Letitia of Little Dumpling Manor is affectionately known in the village as Lady Tish.  Her helper at the Manor is Mrs Mopitup, who really enjoys keeping the dust and cobwebs at bay.  Mrs Mopitup’s pride and joy is the collection of suits of armour which are much admired by visiting tourists.Lady Letitia

When Lady Tish goes shopping she takes along Rascal, her mischievous little dog.  First stop is Winifred’s Wool Shop where Rascal wags his tail at the thought of unravelling all those colourful balls of wool! Kind-hearted Winifred sets aside a ball especially for Rascal while she and Lady Tish discuss the next fund-raising fete. Unfortunately, the church roof is still leaking!



After shopping Lady Tish and Rascal call at Daphne Dabble’s quaint old cottage by the duck pond.  Daphne is the local artist, well-known for Daphne Dabble her delightful rural paintings of Little Dumpling village.  Lady Letitia is a great patron of the Arts and many of Daphne’s paintings can be seen on the walls of the Manor.

Later, Daphne and Lady Tish enjoy a visit to Miss Muffin’s Tea Shoppe for afternoon tea.  Miss Muffin is famous for her delicious home-baked cakes and pastries and the welcoming Miss Muffin's Tea Shoppeatmosphere of her cosy shop.  And it is no surprise that Rascal cannot resist Miss Muffin’s scrumptious jam tarts!


We have no doubt that Rascal is a star turn. He is constructed so that his head moves from side-to-side and the little fellow steals the show hands down.  Although he’s obviously knitted, you could swear that his expression changes in every photograph and how did he manage to get into twelve shots?  Flick Rascal through the pages and it’s like watching a cartoon!

At one point we went off to make coffee and came back to find Rascal peeking out behind the knitting counter – Rascalis that expression ‘I didn’t do it’ or what?  Our photographer had set it up of course but still … mmm.

And by the way, the shop counters are just straight pieces of stocking stitch, glued onto strips of cardboard – no complications whatsoever.

Jean is renowned for her ability to design the smallest realistic details and still make the patterns easy enough for others to follow.  Examples are the wee knitted balls of yarn, Mrs Mopitup’s scrubbing brush, a miniature teapot and yummy cakes and the tiniest baby layette you will ever see – which includes a bobble cap, matinee jacket, bootees and mittens.  Whew!

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