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Fan Mail

Jean has received many thousands of fan letters over the years.

Here is a selection of comments from some of them



R.W.  -  Leeds, UK
Your knitted toy patterns are just wonderful, extremely accurate and the best I’ve ever used.  Never have I had to stop and think ‘Does this mean this or that’, as with so many other knitting patterns. Yours are clearly written, so there is absolutely no misunderstand whatsoever.

J.E. - San Clemente, California, USA
First, may I congratulate you on your beautiful designs - your artistry and craftsmanship are remarkable.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make such beautiful dolls for our families.

J.K. - Malton, UK
I must compliment you on the cleverest pattern explanations I have ever followed in my 40 years of knitting.

Y.W. - Ashtead, UK
The pattern instructions are so clear that the items are a joy to make. You are unique, the first to make toy-making such pleasure and this lady is very grateful.

M.F. - Peebleshire, UK
I am a great fan of Jean Greenhowe knitting patterns, they are a delight to make, so clear instructions, and wonderful end result.

F.S.  -  Victoria, Australia
I have to congratulate you on your patterns.  They are so well written, easy to understand and turn out identical to the pictures, which gives me a great sense of satisfaction in the finished product.

S.B. - Moriano, Italy
First let me say how I am still enjoying making your delightful dolls and teddies. People compliment me and say how clever I am, but I reply all the credit must go to the person who creates the patterns (namely you), for they are so clear and easy to follow.

S.P. - Kernville, California, USA
Your patterns are indeed winners!  For over ten years I still marvel at the imagination that goes into each and every pattern. The directions are excellent and easy to follow.

S.M. - Kidderminster, UK
I have completed 17 clowns after getting hooked on the first one. It really is exciting as each one comes to life on completion.

C.V. - N.H. Canada
I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I love your patterns.  You do such a wonderful job of picturing your toys so well. I never made toys before and got hooked on them by way of a knitting group. 

W.S. - Westgate-on-Sea, UK
I have knit 599 Scarecrows and over 300 for the hospital. I have tried other patterns but no patterns are as good as yours, it is all so easy.

J.B. - Leicester, UK
I just love knitting your patterns and family and friends are so thrilled with them, you spread such happiness to so many.

S.C. - Victoria, Australia
This has created a hobby that I really love.  I have spent many an hour after work knitting. Although I have tried other pattern books, they are just not the same. Your books are set out so that people can easily understand and achieve great results. Once again thank you for giving me the chance to enjoy many hours of knitting pleasure.

B.S. - Suffolk, UK
I have recently discovered your designs for knitted dolls and having acute arthritis they are giving me enormous joy.

M.E. - Ipswich, UK
I have been knitting your lovely dolls for several years and they are a pleasure to knit and I can follow your instructions great. I cannot follow instructions in other knitting books.

E.P. - Chester, UK
Just a line to say how much I have enjoyed knitting up the dolls and toys of your designs over many years. I like the bold colours and easy to follow instructions and I get a real feeling of achievement when I complete yet another toy. Thanks again for the pleasure I get from knitting your lovely patterns.

M.P. - Port Charlotte, Florida, USA
When I saw your dolls displayed in the knitting shop I fell in love with them and years later I still like making them for myself as I find it difficult to part with them.

B.G. - Harrogate, UK
I think your books are brilliant. The instructions are all very clear and detailed and the designs themselves leave me spoilt for choice. Keep up the excellent work.

M.G. - Malta
It is my greatest pleasure to have come across your knitting booklets and to knit such beautiful and perfect soft toys.

J.F. - Crawley, UK
For ever an admirer of your series I am not a brilliant knitter, but all I ever did from your patterns all looked great. Thank you so much.

T.T. - Melbourne, Australia
Firstly I’d like to congratulate you on the wonderful designs in your doll knitting books.  Not only are the knitting books easy to follow, but children (and adults) love the dolls in them, and they always turn out the way they are supposed to. I remember knitting one of the ‘Red Nose Gang’ and knitting the pieces for the electric drill. I thought ‘how in heaven’s name is this going to turn into a drill?’  It did, perfectly.

M.W. - Glasgow, UK
Your designs have spoilt me for other ‘creations’.  I followed instructions from magazine patterns, but oh dear they can’t give explicit instructions like Jean Greenhowe patterns!

D.S. - North York, Ontario, Canada
I love your books. I truly believe these are the cleverest knitting books I have in a collection from 1939.

A.D. - Dublin, Ireland
Just to say I get great pleasure and find knitting your dolls and toys a relaxing hobby. It has also delighted my friends to receive them as gifts.

M.A. - Banff, Alberta, USA
The details in your designs are outstanding.  Many thanks again for giving so many knitters the pleasant hours and worthwhile projects for others.

J.W.J. - Folkstone, UK

I have just completed Bertie Bloomer and just had to write to let you know how pleased I was with the end result. The pattern was extremely easy to understand.

S.V. - Lower Galilee, Israel
Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to give you my appreciation of your work. My grandchildren love them and I love knitting them.  Thank you very much and may God bless you richly.

I.G. - New Zealand
I would just like to congratulate you on your excellent knitting books.  They are attractive, colourful and very easy to follow patterns.  Keep up the good work so that I can too.

V.T. - Rainham, UK
I always enjoy making these toys for the children in the family. They are always easy to follow and turn out exactly as shown.

A.B. - Strabane, N. Ireland
I have knit almost every one of Jean’s Dolls and Patterns, I love them. Her step-by-step instructions and details make knitting them a joy.  My thanks to Jean. Any other patterns are not up to Jean’s standards, they are very short on detail.

R.J. - Tasmania
You have a brilliant imagination. I have tried other patterns, but the instructions leave a lot to be desired.

J.B. - Swindon, UK
My wife has made countless numbers of your dolls and toys. You might say she is addicted to it!

E.W. - Chelford, UK
The grandchildren have grown up and after a couple of years without knitting I am now creating a collection for myself! Men and women alike are full of admiration for your creations and just a little bit for me for knitting them! Thank you once again for the pleasures we experience from producing all your knitted toys.

L.R. - Redditch, UK
May I say how I enjoy knitting your dolls.  I find it so relaxing and very rewarding at the final result.

V.R. - Wisconsin, USA
Thank you so much for your ideas and for the quality of your designs.

M.S. - Barnstaple, UK
Each one of your designs has been a pleasure to create from the detailed instructions that take one through the work with ease.  The little friends with so much to endear them to young and older people are thanks to all you include in their formation.

C.N. - Bellville, South Africa
I must congratulate you on your marvellous designs - Thank you for hours of happy knitting!

J.M.B. - Larne, Northern Ireland
I am unable to thank you enough for your expertise and perfection in producing patterns for dolls and toys. They have given me endless pleasure and joy in my ageing years.

D.B. - Alberta, Canada
I just love your knitting books so much.  I think you are a very talented lady!

C.R. - Holyhead, UK
I would firstly like to say how absolutely wonderful Jean Greenhowe’s toy designs are.  They are second to none - I have NEVER seen better toy patterns anywhere and I have a great love in knitting them for my daughter and for friends and family.

V.T. - Singapore
I am a great fan of your knitting books from years ago and just simply fell in love with the dolls you knitted.

J.L. - Reading, UK
All the residents in our retirement apartment have fallen in love with your figures I make and it keeps me VERY busy and happy to make them.

J.Q. - Co. Donegal, Ireland
I find your patterns easy and they produce lovely dolls.

S.M. - Glasgow, UK
I have used your patterns many times over the years and your dolls are in great demand especially for fund raising events.  Sidney Slapstick is one of my favourites and one that has brought great delight to my grandchildren.

S.M. - Lancaster, Canada
Love your knitting books, have used them over and over for the past 7 years.

R.Y. - Hong Kong
My mother said you’re really clever. You designed many, many lovely characters. She also said the instructions/pictures are very clear and easy to understand.

B.P.H. - Amsterdam, Holland
I so enjoy your clever designs and our grandchildren are delighted to receive them as gifts.

J.R. - Pitsea, UK
I am writing to tell you that your knitting patterns are just about the best I have seen. The novelty factor is brilliant. ; The patterns themselves are easy to read and understand and I am thrilled at finding them.

L.W. - Cumbria, UK
I must say Jean Greenhowe’s designs are Fantastic, I really enjoy knitting them over and over.

P.C. - North Dean, UK
Thank you so much for all the pleasure and happiness you have brought to both children and adults for all these years.

Q.A. - Pembroke, UK
I feel I know you because I have knit hundreds of your toys.  It is a very enjoyable hobby.

J.M. - Queensland, Australia
Firstly I would like to say how much I enjoy your patterns, my grandchildren love looking through them and choosing what they want knitted next.

D.M. - South Africa
Your booklets have been so wonderful and given me great pleasure knitting the amusing characters and have been received with delight.

S.T. - East Sussex, UK
I have recently come across your patterns for toys and dolls and have had such pleasure making them.  They are such beautiful things and you are a very clever person to have created them.

F.O. - Penzance, UK
Thank you very much for all the pleasure you have given me and the pleasure to children through your marvellous designs.  God bless.

J.C. - Gwent, UK
I love all Jean’s patterns, they knit exactly to the pictures. I get so much enjoyment knitting them.

N.T. - Tasmania
Many thanks, my granddaughter is surrounded by your dolls and toys and knitting has never been such fun.

F.M. - Republic of Ireland
I have had tremendous pleasure from knitting numerous items and characters from Jean Greenhowe’s books and find the instructions a joy to follow and the outcomes most satisfactory.

R.F. - Riverhead, UK
Being only an average knitter, I find your instructions excellent.

K.D. - Victoria, Australia
I started knitting this one and that one ... so many that the children’s ward were overjoyed.  I thought I would like you to know, how much pleasure your dolls are bringing to sick children.

C.K. - Rehovot, Israel
An admirer and knitter of your dolls/clowns/toys for over ten years.

I.S. - Tokyo, Japan
I enjoy so much that I have knitted almost all the dolls you have shown in the books.

J.H. - Johanesburg, South Africa
Thank you for the many years of pleasure I have had from making your toys, with the little extra details which make them such fun to knit.

T.J.R. - N.C., USA
My 9 year old daughter and I are learning to knit together.  We both love your booklets.

T.D.B. - Birmingham, UK
I enjoy knitting all the dolls and to see the pleasure on people’s faces is brilliant.

H.U. - Ebermannsdorf, Germany
I discovered two of your knitting booklets in a knitting shop. I absolutely love the characters you create, they are gorgeous!!!
With a big compliment to your creative work and thanks for your help.

W.E. - Queensland, Australia
If Jean should read this letter I’d just like to thank her for the many hours of enjoyment I receive from making her toys, and am amazed by the detail and cleverness of your designs.  I eagerly await every new design.

H.M. - Kidderminster, UK
Thank you for your skill and expertise in bringing us your wonderful designs.  I know your Christmas Special will stand me in good stead for many years to come.  Thank you again.

J.C. - Slough, UK
I get great satisfaction when I knit from your books.

M.D. - Queensland, Australia
I just had to write and congratulate and thank you for your wonderful knitting patterns! I have every one of your books and plan to knit each and every pattern. So I hope I will be very busy for years to come. My grandchildren are always asking me to knit something new!

B.T. - Cambridge, UK
I have knitted so many of your toys, I feel I know you personally. My two grandsons get just as excited and can’t wait to see the knitted results.  You are looked on as a friend in our household.

G.M. - Brisbane, Australia
I have been going to write for some time, to thank you for the wonderful illustrations of your toy patterns.  They are a joy to make, what a wonderful talent God gave you and how lucky are we.

C.A.W. - Billingham, UK
Well done for all the booklets you have written.  I don’t know what I’d do without you.

B.C. - Fleetwood, UK
Jean is a great designer and her toys are so easy to knit.

I.M. - Penzance, UK
I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am with your range of toy patterns.  I have never found such explicit and enjoyable patterns to work with.

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